Saturday, October 8, 2011

FLORDIA!!! With and without the sunshine

As you may have guessed from my title this I am farther south then normal. I'm in Orlandooooo. I've been here since Saturday and it's been a pretty..well not all that normal trip. Saturday morning we left before the crack of dawn at an ungodly 5 am. (I have a rule about getting up before the sun, we are children of the light after all right? ;) ) We ended up in two different cars. My fambam in one and me and my boyfriend in another. I'm proud to say I drove some of the way, no it wasn't much of the way but it was some of the way and I'm proud because usually with that little bit of sleep I'd have been completely worthless. We got close to Orlando and guess what happens? It starts to rain! and rain..and rain..and rain..and rain.. All day and night Saturday and then most of the day Sunday. Finally late Sunday afternoon it lightened up and my sweet boyfriend took me to Downtown Disney where we ate at Fulton's Crab House. It's not actually a's a boat. A very large super awesome boat. If you ever get the chance to go you should try it!
Monday turned off VERY hot and VERY humid. The whole family ended up going to Downtown Disney to walk through it for a while and that is when it hit..Slowly but surely the pain level increased. On the way home I took a pain pill but I had already waited to long that it had a good hold. So I got back to the house and 3 pain pills later it wasn't any better. I think that's the first time my boyfriend has actually seen me cry. When I'm in that much pain I just cry silent tears and scream to the top of my lungs inside my head. Screaming out loud would just take too much energy and cause more pain then it would be worth. So anyways after a longgggggggggg rough night that brings us to today. Beach day! Which turned out not to be such a great idea. It was really crowded and it wasn't much fun this time around.
Tomorrow we go to Disney World and I'm trying to think, preventive. Something to keep me out of pain as long as possible as we wonder through the wonderful world of Magic Kingdom. If I figure anything good out I'll let you know!
One of the times that has stuck out in my head so far of this trip is either Sunday or Monday morning (I can't remember which my days are starting to run together) But we are in a house we rented for the week and it has a back deck and nice in-ground pool and I decided to sit out there and drink my coffee. My boyfriend comes out and sits down with me and we start talking and somehow or another we get on the subject of Endo. He has known little things that I've told him over time or things he's heard but he's never just straight up asked for any details or anything. I don't know how long we talked but it did give the opportunity to explain a lot more and for him to ask questions. Which I think is something anyone that has a chronic illness needs to do. I never really have done that because the people that I thought needed to know most everything which was basically just my mom and doctor, have been there every step of the way so I never have really just sat down and laid it all straight for someone before. I honestly tried to hide it for the most part from everyone cause I didn't like feeling weird or weak. But I learned that being open and honest is the best thing you can do because if you aren't you can't expect people to even halfway understand when your having a bad day. Even though I know there is probably a lot more we still will need to talk over about the Endo I was happy we did have the chance this week. It was kinda a relief. I guess it makes you feel like someone cares when they want to try to understand, and having someone try to understand even though they admit they can't relate at all, it's a loved kinda feeling to know they want to help.
So anyways I'm tired and the big day is tomorrow! I'll get back with you soon!
Love and pain free wishes!♥

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