Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here we go again!

Hello darlings!! As you may have noticed this isn't the blog I had before (No duh) I decided it was time for some changes so we are starting all over from scratch. I figured it would take so long to catch up on everything from the last post on my old blog till this one it wouldn't matter very much anyways.
There are several very huge things going on in my life lately but I shall refrain from talking to much this one entry since it is just getting back into the swing of things.
1. I no longer work for the devil. I know HUGE relief..till I realized my bank account is running low and I won't get paid tomorrow. Something I'm trying NOT to think about at the moment.
2. I didn't get into the nursing program. Yeah :/ Which come to think of it I think in my other blog I had mentioned failing it the first time. So let me explain- I went back and took it again.I really really prayed about it. I prayed about it the first time I took it and prayed if I shouldn't do it then I wouldn't pass. As you will all remember I wasn't able to finish the test and had to get up and leave. Well instead of taking that as maybe oh I don't know a sign me and my mom decided I should give it another shot after an advisor called and asked me to please try again because my grades were so good. So I did..and I got an above average grade combined with above average grades and still didn't get in. That my friends was a God thing. I'm learning a LOT lately just how to lean on Him. My life kinda felt out of control the past two weeks because I gave up my job thinking I was positive I was getting into the program because of the grade and then BOOM I'm not and I'm jobless and have no plan B. (I know that really shocks you) Sooo I went and talked to my advisor yesterday and ended up having enough classes to graduate in December qualified to do two different jobs in the health care/business field. So once again God came through.
3. I'm getting a really good flow on my novel. FINALLY! I wanna do a little dance for finally feeling like it's going somewhere. True it's not where it should be as far as the written part but I finally have all my thoughts organized, my characters so detailed that they could step off the page into flesh form and that my friends is a huge step for me! After sitting in front of the computer for 5 hours I do feel rather accomplished :)
So these are the things that are happening in my life lately.. Just as a catching up. OH! and I'm dating this sorta amazing guy.. ;) I promise not to be super mushy and make you all sick at your stomachs :)
Well now that you are all caught up on my life I shall end this catch up with one funny quote from my baby brother Adam who is 5 and believes our brother Isaac is the fountain of all knowledge.
"Isaac did they have PlayStation 1 in the old days?"
yeah pretty darn cute ;)
Sweet dreams♥

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