Friday, July 15, 2011

Refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies, heart skipping and never ending

Oh the joys of it being the weekend!!! I would say the skies are blue..but they are not.. Or that the birds are singing butttt their not. The winds are blowing, the sky is grey but there is a smile on my face! (Wow watch out here I'm turning into Dr. Seuss!) Anyways..You may ask the source of my joy and it comes from one special person who is driving 3 1/2 hours to see me :D yes he is rather amazing as I have said. Okay I'll stop now ;)

It feels weird not being at work at the moment..A good weird but still weird. I think I might get used to it ;) My brother is kicking us out tonight so he can have his little birthday party. As you see, I was not invited. It's a guys only thing apparently... Yeah I give him a few more years before he'll want to let me stay as long as I invite girls too. But then that would mean parents which I think is mostly the reason he is kicking everyone but his friends out tonight.
I figured you might all be curious about my cooking lately (and I think it's awful you just want to know so you can laugh at me) WELLLLLLL... I did attempt made from scratch cinnamon sugar cookies..and guess what, They were good!! I know it was shocking. I made a HUGE mess and only messed up once but mother saved the day so it all ended well. You know they really should tell you what kinda flour to use when you're cooking from scratch. I mean how was I supposed to know that you can't use self rising flour when you're also adding baking soda and salt to it? Luckily mom did catch my mistake before I dumped the whole thing in. I didn't even burn them :) Although the cinnamon did make them look like they had spent a long week at the beach without the tan lines.
In other news Isabella and Andrew are about to meet! (characters in my novel) I am super excited for his insulting her art and her insulting his lack of vision. I have two more characters fleshed out and ready to jump in so we are slowly getting there :)
My thoughts are pretty much on a happy high at the moment so excuse the slight randomness of this post. I hope you all have a fantastically amazing happy weekend!!!

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