Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As you may have guessed from the title I'm not feeling the best in the world. The wonderful world of allergies decided I was feeling left out of all the sniffles that's going around and decided to share..I wish they hadn't. As I type I'm bundled up in bed with a box of Kleenex as my buddy. Pitiful I know. I've noticed that every time I set my mind to say "I'm gonna work out today!" something always happens!! Next time I say it I'll probably come down with Mad Cow (is that even around now? And no pun intended with the reference between me working out and the cow..okay maybe I'm the only one that got a chuckle out of that)
My weekend was greeeeeeeeeeeat. A bit rushed and I ended up having a really bad day (physically) Sunday so that kinda put a damper on things but hey it was just great to see that man :)
I haven't wrote much since probably Friday so Izzy and Miles are kinda stuck at the moment, but we'll take care of that tomorrow. I have been reading through and the last two books I've read have been about these macho women that are just like kick-your-butt kinda people with jobs that seem so cool, like being an FBI agent. I think there are a lot of reasons people read and it's not always simply for entertainment. Reading can inspire you, it can become your escape from reality, it can make you dream, and it can also help you see things you may not get to actually ever see in your life. (Today I've been exploring a ranch in Texas encase you're wondering.) I think the same goes for writing. It's an art that gives you the freedom to create whatever you want. I know some people that get their kicks and thrills from books, it's like their alter ego is coming out. (Now you know why I've been reading about butt kicking women with crazy jobs ;) jkkkkk :) ) I think my challenge in my writing is well.. I have quite a few but one is not getting to caught up in detail. I can be extremely detailed to the point that I miss the big picture and in writing you can't do that, unless you're Margaret Mitchell and can write a book that's 1024 pages long overflowing with detail and it still somehow become a classic, (The book is Gone With the Wind encase you didn't know and no I never finished it) but in reality that's not going to happen. Trying to read that book, and I made it less then half way, taught me about not having so much detail. You get so lost to a point that you forget what the main point of it was. When you read a good book you see it like a movie in your head, and if the author is good they give you a good story, with enough details to let you see the big picture but let you add some detail on your own. The reason I write isn't so I'll be published and become a classic author, sure that would be amazing and every person that writes hopes for that, but writing is an art. Artists that paint don't paint necessarily because they want to be famous and become the next Picasso, but they do it because they have a picture in their head they want to bring out and share how they see things with everyone else. That's what writers do, we have a story that we want to share. So we write. Or we try anyways ;)
Welp now that I have rambled on pointlessly for a considerable amount of time I shall end. So goodnight ♥

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