Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Bit Stronger

Do you ever feel like everything just piles on all at once? I sure do. I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor in a few weeks. My pain levels are high again, my breathing is hard and my emotions are as back and forth as the oceans tide. Up one moment, down the next. So more hormone therapy may be up next, or surgery..although I am going to ask her about physical therapy. I've heard that helps a lot with the pain that comes from scar tissue that's left behind after surgery. Sometimes I get so frustrated cause it feels like no one understands. I get frustrated when going out in the yard to throw a ball around with my brothers causes me to be in bed for three days, I get frustrated when my weight is up and down constantly, I get frustrated when I start getting dressed and realize that my stomach is so tender to the touch I can't wear something that is touches it. Sometimes it feels like you wanna stand up and scream "I'm not strong enough". But then you get up, you face it and every time you crawl out of bed to face another day you become a little stronger.

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